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Cutting-edge Annuity Management Service


1. Zinuity provides a price quote for the total annuity, which is the sum of a) the cost of the annuity (the patent office fee and any foreign associate fees) and b) the Zinuity payment processing fee (a flat-fee, based on country).

2. You are invoiced for the quoted amount only after payment is made, and there are no extra annual management fees, access fees, subscription fees, sign-up fees, reporting fees, or other fees for services that other annuity services may charge you for.


Total annuity fee is the Zinuity flat-fee service charge based on Country Class, plus the annuity itself, i.e. the patent office fee and any foreign associate fees if necessitated.

Included Free-of-Charge:
New account setup and portfolio import, Cancellation of instructions, Entity size changes,
Portfolio and patent family reports, Filing status inquiries, Pre-payment status checks, Post-payment verification, Reminders for pre-taxed filings, Access to active/inactive filings, Upcoming annuity reminders, Web-based online access


To the extent possible, we validate the accuracy of the patent data you provide.


We verify the standing of your patent with the respec- tive country when paying each annuity.

Today, Zinuity serves several top-tier universities and technology companies across the U.S. and beyond. If you have a portfolio of 25 or more patent filings, please contact us to see how we can serve you.

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